UNO String Olympics 2021 Results

May 21, 2021

Congrats to the Omaha Conservatory students who participated in this year’s UNO String Olympics. These students did very well winning a total of 17 medals!

We had 6 string studios participate in this event for solos and ensembles: Dr. Elizabeth Grunin, Jessica Davis (ensembles and solos), Lisa Nielsen, Ruth Meints, Molly Rezich, and Grazzia Sagastume.  

This unique event is open to all string students pre-K through high school. Students must register through their school or individual instructor. There are no limits to the number of entries per school or teacher. Each student receives a score, division rating, and comments, or students may perform for comments only. Awards are given out to outstanding soloists, ensembles, and schools. Congrats again to these students on this accomplishment!

Evelyn Ahlers: I – Superior
Brooke Applequist: I – Superior
Anika Arora: I – Superior
Levi Bessmer: II – Excellent
Leah Bessmer: I – Superior
Danny DeLuca: I – Superior
Tony DeSalvo: I – Superior
Nina Goossen: I – Superior
Elliot Goossen: I – Superior
Briette Kesterson: I – Superior
Parker Kosse: II – Excellent
Ava Kosse: I – Superior
Cece Kramper: I – Superior
Emily Longua: II – Excellent
Krishna Lopez-Pearson: I – Superior
Ari Luthra: I – Superior
Samir Luthra: I – Superior
Paidan Morris: I – Superior
Ananya Neelakanta: I – Superior
Vasudha Santhanam: I – Superior
Jeremy Siu: I – Superior
Angela Sun: I – Superior
Carolyn VanderBosch: II – Excellent
Autmn VanderBosch: I – Superior
Davis Superstars: I – Superior
Davis Phenoms: I – Superior

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